Yemeni Revolutionary Youth of Yemen Appeal to Regional Neighbors and International Community on Behalf of the Suffering People of Ta’ez

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

The following is a link to an attached statement of appeal issued by the Coordinating Council of Revolution for Change in Yemen (CCYRC).  The appeal is directed to the regional members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), who supposedly brokered the GCC Initiative and the “implementation mechanism”.

Both reperesent an elaborate and rather complex arrangement for “transition of authoirity” and both of which have at last been signed by Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is supposed to be only a “ceremonial” president until the election of a new one, which is supposed to take place this coming February – an almost impossible task, especially as Saleh continues to operate as the President, without any let up in his dictatorial and autocratic suppressive ways.

The people of Ta’ez have been witnessing the most brutal uninterrupted shelling against residential and public areas, which have made the streets and dwellings of the city exposed to random chaotic fire by the Republican Guards, under the command of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, Saleh’s son and the security forces there under the command of Abddullah Qairan, the former ruthless security commander of Aden.

Ta’ez_Regional and International Appeal

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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