Amnesty International: Yemenis Are Still Waiting for Justice

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

February 14, 2012

Amnesty International continues to insist that there is justice missing in  the Yemeni situation, notwithstanding all the ceremonial efforts to presume that Yemen is heading in the right direction.  It seems to escape everyone that there can be no progress to solving the labyrinth of problems, which the mob rule of the Saleh regime has exercised in Yemen for the past thirty-three years, without according all those who suffered from the wanton criminality of Saleh and his horde of thugs all those years.   What is also forgotten is that many of the very elements that comprised the corrupt Saleh regime are still bona fide public officials, who will continue to exercise considerable power in whatever regime materializes out of the almost doomed to fail GCC Intitiative.  This observer, like AI can only wonder at how much evil can prevail over law, decency, and good  common sense in this world even among the so called mature elements of the International Community.

Even the now widely acclaimed single  candidate slate “elections” due this 21 February 2012 – acclaimed more for the waste of the millions of US Dollars the international community is dishing out (estimated at US 50 million+), which will be eaten up by the same crooks, who have always squandered elections funding in the past exercises of phony democracy the Yemeni people have become accustomed to, but which somehow  continues the naive western policy makers, especially in Washington.   One word of advice to Obama:  Insure that Saleh does not return to Yemen unless it is to face legal and judicial proceedings for all the blood he has spilled or caused to be spilled in Yemen and all the public funds, natural resources and private and public property he and his gang have robbed or fraudulently acquired over the years of one of the most horrendously cruel and corrupt political machines ever set up ANYWHERE in the world.

On the other hand, unless there is a sincere and seriously correct application of law on all citizens (whether former tyrants or fruit sellers in Tahrir Square – which is still now occupied by pro-Saleh mercenary thugs), what hope can there be in a future when Saleh and his thugs have been allowed to get away with murder?

As it is now it seems we still have the same hodgepodge of Saleh clansmen, tribal Sheikhs, religious merchant sheikhs, cutthroat merchants and “investors”, smugglers, marine pirates, foreign meddlers (with regional and international flavorings in all disguises:  religious missionaries, religious “students”, Al-Qaeda trainees, anti-terrorism trainers and bombers, foreign aid providers, consultants, “local” branch partisan groups of regional “nationalist parties” – you name it, you can be sure Yemen has it.  Yemen can be said to have all the sleazy criminal garbage elements that any society would want to have to become the ultimate mob ruled society. 

Sadly, one cannot help but point out that all this was unheard of thirty three years ago in Yemen!  Therefore, it goes without saying, indeed Saleh has a lot for which he is liable to his people, in addition to the direct criminal and political crimes cited earlier.   The demolition of a  civilized society and the deterioration of all the values, heritage and decency that used to make Yemen one of the cleanest and innocent societies in the world, with all the potential for being a truly modern and prosperous country.

Thank you Amnesty, for seeing the reality of our demise better than the way that unfortunately many Yemenis have even failed to see it.



Waiting for Justice

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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