After 9/11, Terrorism Continues to Target & Bleed the Moslem World!

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

September 10, 2012

Photo by Hassan Al-Haifi 1984

Of course, the criminal killings that came along with the most bizarre and well planned and organized operation – to the minutest precision – leading to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and other landmarks of American economic power and military might should remain as haunting memories to genuine Moslems as well as to the followers of other faiths, all of which had adherents who were unfortunate victims in the 9/11 attacks.  There were over 400 Moslems who also died in the World Trade Center.  Surely, there are not any Moslems who can ever disregard the criminal attacks as being a total contradiction of Islamic law and spiritual jurisprudence, not to mention being an absolute abomination to the interests and welfare of Moslems throughout the world.  Any efforts by any self-proclaimed Moslems to glorify or even rationalize the tragic massacres caused by the mass killing of mostly civilian and unarmed human beings and wanton destruction that came with the 9/11 attacks are sufficient justifications for throwing these disturbed degenerates out of the fold of faithful Moslems.  It is not enough to say that the latter maybe “did not know” or were maybe misled by religious misfits or zealots.   Adherence to Islam is a submission to all the dictates and teachings revealed by the Holy Qur’an and manifested in the deeds of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah upon him) and applied earnestly by  earlier and later astute and sincere followers of Islam.  These revelations render any attachment of misdeeds as the 9/11 attacks as contrary to Islamic thought, Shari’ah, sentiments, interests etc and such attachment is simply untrue.   All Moslems MUST declare themselves aloof from such idiotic misconceptions.  Islamic teachings categorically declare any acts similar by their nature and catastrophic outcomes to those of the 9/11 attacks as prohibited conduct according to genuine unadulterated Islamic legal grounds and high moral ethical standards of behavior exercised over the span of Moslem history.

What brought on the 9/11 attacks remains a baffling mystery to Moslems, even more so than to non-Moslems, because Moslems simply know better than to contemplate such criminal misdeeds.  This brings the observer to the exerted media efforts (by the right wing conservative Western media, especially pro-Zionist or Israeli media) to pin the attacks on genuine believing Moslems or Islamic principles.  Perhaps the latter do not know any better and they may have their declared and undeclared reasons and motives, undoubtedly encouraged by the severity of the crime.  But the distorted misrepresentations brought on by generally misguided Wahhabi (alias Al-Qaeda, Salafi, hardcore neo-Sunni) media channels that seek to suggest such criminality as fulfilling to their gross misinterpretation of Jihad (Struggle – in defense of Islam or Islamic causes) is ungratifying and counterproductive to say the least.  This observer is not abashed to declare on behalf of the overwhelming (silent) majority of mainstream Sunni and Shi’ah Moslems that Islam and genuine believers in Islam are innocent of any association with such deplorable deliveries of the Message of Islam, and thus strongly condemn such misrepresentations of Islamic Law and Moral Conduct.  The followers and teachers of such abhorred  and non-sacrosanct renditions of Islam have yet to justify their insistence on the plausibility of such criminality in Islamic teachings.  On the contrary, they continue to unleash their naïve followers on suicide criminal bomb attacks against Moslems, who are often supposedly their brothers in faith, ethnicity and language.   It is said that terrorists have killed eight times more Moslems than non-Moslems (See Moslems Killed by Terrorists How can such criminality be justified by any religion, if it does not fulfill sensible logical grounds of rationality, religious or otherwise?  Thus, it is imperative for Westerners, especially Americans to come to realize that the misrepresented Jihadist culture of Wahhabi thought are anathema to the Islam taught by the Holy Qur’an and the exemplary behavior of the Prophet Mohammed (PBAUH) and still followed by the overwhelming majority of mainstream Moslems of the world (See Friedman_Wahhabis)  .  For a background on the propagation of Wahhabi misrepresentations of Islam, and the Saudi role in advancing the spread of Wahhabi Jihadist culture, see Wahhabi_Saudi_Ties).  We can see almost daily how the behavior of followers of distorted Wahhabi Jihadi (in all their manifestations) culture throughout the Moslem World, has brought and continues to bring more harm to Moslems than to non-Moslems since the tragic attacks of 9/11.  Surely, the time has come for serious and sincere cooperation to end the horrific unholy bloodletting by retractors from real genuine Islamic beliefs and teachings, especially amongst the various Moslem communities of the world.   The avenues of cooperation with non-Moslems of the world, who have suffered from such criminality would certainly be welcome and accommodating.   Everyone knows where it is coming from, so why beat around the bush, with the belief that the originators of “Islamic Terrorism” can actually be partners in the “War Against Terror”?  Since Moslems know this better, shouldn’t they start by revealing the true origins of such criminal terror and who stands behind proponents of such terrorism, financially and logistically, since Moslems have been and are now practically the only targets of these distorters of genuine Islamic jurisprudence and conduct.  It has become tantamount to a religious call for Jihad to bring Islam back to its true fundamentals, as the religion of peace and universal human congruence, as has been shown throughout its history prior to the advent of Wahhabi distortions two and a half centuries ago.

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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