Why All The Fuss: A Provocative Film with Malicious Intents

Common Sense

By Hassan Al-Haifi

12 September 2012

Courtesy of Daily Mail Mail Online. Death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens intolerable in Islam

From the various information this observer has found on the background of the film deemed by all accounts as intentionally insulting to Islam and Moslems, one is unable to escape the inevitable and undeniable contention that “hate only breeds hate”.  The US $ 5 million film produced by an Israeli Jew named, Sam Bacile and financed by more than one hundred Jews is a startling testimony to the association of extremist Zionist elements with very active hate mongering pursuits in the West against the religion of Islam.  (Background on film:  Daily Mail Article)  It is not clear how this can be seen as helpful to Israel, which is no doubt already viewed by most of its neighbors and sensible people throughout the world as no more than a vagabond rouge state forcefully implanted in the midst of not just the Arab World, but the Moslem World as well, at the expense of the Moslems and Christians of Palestine, who are the indigenous population of Palestine for over three thousand years.

Wise Christians (and the Egyptian Coptic and other Christian communities in the region have reflected this wisdom well by joining the peaceful protests against the film throughout the region) surely know that in essence there is no call for any animosity between Christianity and Islam and any such prodding is to be viewed with the highest suspicion and accorded total condemnation.  This includes any such prodding by misguided followers of Islam, who naively rely on emotional sensationalism to promote their heretical renditions of Islam.  For one thing, fourteen centuries of relative peace and mutual coexistence between the adherents of both faiths have characterized the region, even under domains governed by Islamic governments.  On the other hand it is imperative to point out to uninformed Christians and Jews that Islam views itself as an integral and complimentary faith of both Judaism and  Christianity that rests on similar monotheistic foundations and the joint belief in the same Universal Being as the Al-Mighty God of the Universe (the Arabic name of Allah is used by both Christian and Jewish Arabs to mean God).  Almost all Jewish and Christian prophets and apostles are recognized and properly revered even more so by Moslems, as they are accorded the titles of “Master” and saluted with the prayer, “Peace and Blessings of Allah Upon Him/Her” at the mere mention of their names.

The mischievous contention that Islam will devour the West as the filmmakers wish to advocate is both insulting to Islamic doctrine (“There is no compulsion in religion” – the Holy Quran) and the confidence of Moslems that Islam sells itself among the well-informed and sincere humanists and does not need Inquisitions or witch hunts for propagation among human beings.  Islam has never been spread “by the sword”, as most of the Moslem communities of Africa and Asia and South Pacific were not ever conquered by any Moslem states and adopted Islam voluntarily.  Even in the conquered states, non-Moslem communities continued to coexist with Moslems (most of whom voluntarily adopted the Islamic faith) and the existence of many Jewish, Christian and even pagan communities within Islamic states is clear testimony to this.

While admittedly, present day Islam is somewhat tarnished by misguided suspicious creeds that contend to be fundamental adaptation of Islam, which profess a horrific intolerance to not only non-Moslems, but also to Moslems, who may profess other sectoral affiliations to Islam (See Fundamentalist Wahhabis).  We have discussed this in other posts here and reference may be made thereto (HMA Blog).

Courtesy of Daily Mail Mali OnlinePeaceful protests are more effective than violence in delivering a message.

The killing of the US Ambassador and other US diplomats in Libya and other violent protests against the film are not at all encouraged by this observer or Moslem dogma. For example hate mongering such as that of the “TV host Sheikh Khaled Abdallah (known for such statements as “Iran is more dangerous to us than the Jews” and that Tehran had engineered a deadly soccer riot in Port Said) hypes the film as an American-Coptic plot and introduces what he says is its opening scene – note the intolerance to Moslems and fellow Egyptian citizens:  a typical Wahhabi trait – See Atlantic Article). Moslems should really work hard on clarifying the religion of Islam to non-Moslems of the world and regrettably there are a lot of shortcomings here.  The same can also be true of the Palestine problem, where Arabs and Moslems could do a lot to spread awareness on their side of the problem to the world at large, which sadly today, and for all practical purposes, only gets a relatively uncontested dissimilation of the Israeli and Zionist side of the story of the Tragedy of Palestine.

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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2 Responses to Why All The Fuss: A Provocative Film with Malicious Intents

  1. See this link for additional details on the makers of the film. I would not be hesitant in proclaiming this to be a malicious Mosad job or other undercover Zionist job, in view of the mystery and the gross efforts to mislead the actors, etc. Perhaps it was meant to also embarass the United States, since the latter is cool on rushing to war on behalf of Israel, or joining Israel in attacking Iran.

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