A Brutal Attack Against a Sincere Yemeni Freedom Fighter

Dr. Yasin Al-Qubati Dr. Yasin Al-Qubati3

In Solidarity with Dr. Yasin Abdul Alim Al-Qubati
By: Hassan Al-Haifi

The man pictured here was yesterday the victim of a clearly arranged attack by a disguised “patient” who visited the good and gentle doctor for the second time for treatment of some skin or other disease, for which Dr. Yasin Al-Qubati was qualified to treat.
The assailant stabbed Dr. Yasin with some 16 serious stabs and an untold number of minor stabs, with what seems like a heavy butcher’s meant to cut skin, meat and bone with the same degree of ease.
Dr. Qubati is a well known activist for human rights and social justice in Yemen and has heretofore been subjected to a number of assaults on his person and his property.
Currently, Dr. Qubati is a member of the Consultative Group (Tanawwu) in the Coordinating Council for the Yemeni Revolution for Change and the founder and organizer of the Yemeni Center for Transitional Justice.
A jolly and extremely polite gentleman, Dr. Qubati was unequaled in his adamancy and insistence that the Yemeni Revolution must come out with more than a game of musical chairs for politicians and social dignitaries, all of whom have shared in bringing the maladies that Yemen is suffering from for the last third of a century, and certainly and rightly rejects the clauses of immunity, which the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Initiative has spellbindingly brought to all the criminals that have killed so many known and unknown people, that have raped the beautiful environment to extract as much profits as they could from the land they robbed from the state and private individuals, that have plundered the government treasury and stolen literally whatever they could plunder from the natural resources of the land so that the ownership of all the latter should be confined to the family of the Saleh regime, the tribal dignitaries that supported the regime and the thugs and brutes, who did the dirty work for the regime against anyone who dared suggest that all of that must stop.
Dr. Yasin never walked around with any guards or companions, but was a sociable man who could just about get along with everyone from Yemen or from outside Yemen. He never had any prejudices against any group or ethnicity and so all Yemenis as equal without regards to their religious social or economic inclinations.
He like so many liberal intellectuals in Yemen felt that Yemenis were swindled their freedom, their honor and their right to live in peace and pursuit of happiness. For Dr. Yasin this is an unforgivable injustice and his Yemeni Center for Transitional Justice YCTJ was established with insuring that all these crooks and criminals be served justice, for if justice is not meted out against all those who have destroyed everything good and decent in Yemen, how can Yemenis ever hope for a decent future.
As a co-member in CCYRC and cofounder of YCTJ, it is not hard to understand why Dr. Yasin might be the victim of a criminal assault as ugly and bloody as the one faced by Dr. Yasin at the hands of someone who apparently has been preparing himself for some time for the attack (and surely must have had accomplices from the criminal mob that has brought nothing but havoc, misery and destruction to Yemen while unabashedly taking all the country’s wealth and resources to themselves.
We pray that Dr. Yasin recovers soon from his critical condition and will be able to relate exactly just what happened in that messy and gruesome half hour or so when the assailant was landing the edge of the dagger he had specifically brought for the purpose of implanting terror and fear in the hearts and minds of all those who would dare harbor such ideas as freedom and justice and a corrupt free government and not just Dr. Yasin Al-Qubati. Myself and many who have known and worked with Dr. Yasin stand in the resolve to work even harder to achieve what Dr. Yasin was aspiring for: a free and modern Yemen, with a civil and corrupt free government.

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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