EU Decision on Hizb-Allah (Hizbullah to some): Another Form of Zionist Political Terrorism

Hizb-Allah Carries On Unaffected

Hizb-Allah Carries On Unaffected

Victims of Israeli Terror in Gaza

Victims of  the Never Ending Israeli Terror in Gaza

Europe Succumbs to Zionist Blackmail

Europe Succumbs to Zionist Blackmail

Victims of one of the many officially and internationally sanctioned terrorist raids Israel continues to carry out indiscriminately on Gaza in Al-Mansoura Street.

By: Hassan Al-Haifi

For nearly a century, the International Zionist Establishment (IZE), which later became more physically manifested by its illegitimate baby, the so called State of Israel (before and after the criminal British Mandate on Palestine ended), has been and continues to be carrying out terror, mass expulsion of the entire indigenous population of Palestine (pre 1948 Palestine and the occupied West Bank and Gaza) and other Arab lands (Golan Heights, Sinai, Southern Lebanon, etc), illegitimate occupation, murder of civilians, unforgivable sieges, extrajudicial murder and assassinations anywhere its Mossad Secret Snoop Organization Personnel can land their feet, abductions, and the support to real terrorist groups like the mercenary terrorists fighting against the government in Syria), political meddling in foreign lands (of even its own so called friends and allies), murderous piracy in the sea (Remember the USS Liberty and more recently on the humanitarian aid for Gaza flotilla and specifically the Turkish ship MV Mavi Marmara, and a million recorded and unrecorded acts of criminal terror. One should not forget making life almost impossible to proceed with in the West Bank and Gaza, through backbeaking walls and barriers, as well as sieges and economic disruptions like destroying Palestinian farms and factories. In the Occupied West Bank the occupying Zionist thugs have thrown the belief that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Yet the only terror, the self-declared standard bearers of international good conduct in Europe – many of who must still answer to centuries of their own oppression, murder, inquisitions, ethnic cleansing, criminal pilferage (disguised as imperialism) – could see is that of a legitimate resistance movement that has stood steadfast against the most bizarre and criminally mutant political concoction Western political civility could come up, namely the so called State of Israel. The EU was answering to Israel’s lopsided perceptions of what connotes terrorism ( – Yes there are plenty of good Jews around). Israel’s terror is a product of Western civil conduct, so it is all right . Legitimate resistance was not liked by the European powers during the “Golden Age of Imperialism”, and it would not be liked, even against a brutal state of terror as Israel has always been. That is European blind logic.
Well, most civilized and knowledgeable people of the world are fed up with the distorted humanitarian logic and misrepresentations of right and wrong, good and bad, civil and uncivilized that the West believes it has a sole monopoly on deciding for the world.  Either we have common standards for all or EU should like elsewhere for setting its twisted morals.  The latest decision by the European Union declaring the military wing of Hizb-Allah a “terrorist” organ can only be declared as no more than an insistence of imposing chauvinistic and ethnically arrogant attitudes and double standards of conduct throughout the world.
For one thing, under what mandate does the European think it can issue such a clearly biased and truly uncalled for decision? Has Europe decided to succumb to Israel and IZE political terror, simply because the know that the Arabs [in their pathetically hopeless political frameworks (regionally and locally)] have forgotten altogether that they really have an important and destructive cancer they have to confront in their midst, namely the State of Israel and its international political and subversive wing the IZE. One should remain the West, that eventually their vassals in the region will be removed and more legitimate political orders will take their place, which should answer to the wishes of almost every Arab citizen that Israel is absolutely irreconcilable as a political, cultural and social mutant. Every Arab (Christians and Moslem) knows well that Israel came into being and continues to exist by the sheer force of the guns and unabashed moral and international political support , which the Zionist entity has been generously its westerns sponsors.
One wonders whether indeed the great European Union has now become a weak subservient fief state of the IZE, as the political machines in the European Union have become more conducive to Zionsit Lobby arm-twisting blackmail and political pressure. Surely that does not excuse the EU from remaining true to its declared ideals of fairness and the simple realization that the in the Middle East problem, as in all issues confronting the world, there are two sides involved.
The Israelis and the IZE, by these seedy tactics of international political blackmail, will not prolong their shaky and illegitimate stay in the region as a winner take all bastard of Western political hegemony in the world. The Lord Al-Mighty will surely deal with that hogwash Zionist contention that He can dole earthly real estate to any people, especially if they dastardly and arrogantly proclaim to be “His Chosen People”. Such a God will simply find very few naïve people ready to worship Him. True believers know that God is more just and merciful than that.
Hizb-Allah, will not suffer by the senseless decision of the European Union, the member states of which many have yet to fully free themselves from American subservience, and now fall to the miserly devious dictates of the IZE. However, one cannot fail to be at a loss at the rationale and justification of the European decision, besides the readiness of succumbing to the political embezzlement of the Zionist lobby in their domains, even when they know full well that Israel is more worthy of being labeled a terrorist than anyone else. After all Israel is “their baby” (We need not to recall the “Balfour Promise, Sykes Picot and all those mechanisms of western mischief in the region. At least now, we have a more through understanding of the timidity of the European Union, as an international force of any moral suasion. Or is it that the West, particularly Europe, has yet to overcome the unrelenting chauvinism of the likes of the “White Man’s Burden”, and become truly a more bona fide member of the international community, with uncompromising respectable moral fiber.
We can no longer look to Europe for any hope of help in the elimination of injustice and human criminality. The conscience of the European Union remains foggy, if not cruel. We now come to remember what the Al-Mighty said more than ever before: “God will not bring a change unto a people, if they do not bring a change unto themselves” (Allah has spoken the truth). In the end It is the meek, who shall inherit the Earth!

About Hassan Al-Haifi

Columnist, Political Analyst; knowledgeable on Middle East and Islamic Affairs; specialist on economic and financial affairs and development issues.
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