Yemen Center for Transitional Justice Statement on Increasing Terrorist Attacks and Victims


EU Diplomatic Group in Sana’a Mourn the Dead of the Attack


The View from Outside the Ministry of Defense Complex, Sana’a shortly after the explosion of the Car bomb.

Official Funeral of Victims of Attack

Official Funeral of Victims of Attack

By Hassan Al-Haifi

The Yemeni Center for Transitional Justice issued a strong condemnation of the terrorist attack that hit the Yemeni Ministry of Defense compound in Sana’a, particularly the hospital, in which official tally of the casualties include 56 dead (doctors, nurses and other health staff mainly) and over 200 injured.  The YCTJ implored local civil society to demand that the Government carry out its duty to protect citizens and the international community to take measures to protect Yemeni citizens, as the Government continues to show little resolve in facing up to the mounting threat of terrorism in Yemen and in fact placates and facilitates the terrorists’ escape from justice and punishment.  YCTJ suggested that the immunity clause in the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, have prevented the imposition of law and order, since criminals and terrorists face little difficulty in escaping apprehension and punishment for their criminal acts.

Here is the text of the YCTJ Statement:


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