This is How Islam Deals with Christians and Background on Wahhabi Extremism of the ISIS Genre

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

The Prophet Mohammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon Him – PBAUH) set out many important principles that deal with governing the relationship between the Moslem State/Moslems and other states and/or other religious communities or peoples.  One of the most important documents in this context is the Ordinances Governing Relationship between Moslems and Christians.  This was believed to have been issued when the delegation of Christians from the town of Najran, then a part of Yemen, which had a predominantly Christian community then. 

Surely what is going on in the Mosul of Iraq today, and the gross violations of ISIS to the articles of this document are not at all part and parcel to Islam.  On the contrary, the Prophet Mohammed compelled Moslems to adhere strictly to this document and any violations of the principles laid out in the document render the perpetrator in breach of an important covenant between the Prophet and the Christians and is viewed as disobedient to the dictates of the Prophet and thus disobedient to the Faith.  Therefore all people should realize that ISIS in no way represents the manifestation of Islamic rules and teachings by its gross mistreatment of Christians as well as other minorities. 

It is unfortunate that ISIS, which is also an offshoot of Wahhabi religious deviations of true Islam, just like Al-Qaeda, Nasrah, Shabab, Paco Haram (Nigeria), have been allowed to display such gross misrepresentations of true Islam, and people in the world must be informed that these are practically heresies to authentic Islamic teachings, 

Wahhabism began to appear in the Arabian Peninsula in the Mid Eighteenth Century, when the Saudi family (Al Saud) joined with the Al Al-Sheikh to spread their extremist form of what they purport to be Islam.  Because of their extremist dogma and their bloody nature, especially which allows them to wage war on all Moslems who do not agree with them, the Ottomans had checked the spread of Wahhabism and attacked them in their stronghold in Dir’iya, south of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  They captured the head of the Saudi family and the head of the Al Al-Sheikh and hanged them in Istanbul in the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, because they were spreading mobs of pilferage, which attacked Moslem pilgrim caravans and trade caravans, as well as Moslem cities in Iraq and Yemen, mercilessly killing anyone and everyone in these caravans or cities, on the grounds that they did not adopt Wahhabi doctrine. 

The rest of the Wahhabis escaped to Kuwait,. They continued to be sent back to the Peninsula by the British from Kuwait, which then was controlled by the British as a “protectorate”, only to be repelled by the Ottomans and their allies the Al-Rashid Family, which then controlled Nejd, the birthplace of the Wahhabi Movement.   Heretofore to the advent of Wahhabism, all Moslems regarded senseless killing as sacrosanct to Islamic teachings and Moslems of different sects lived together in peace for centuries, until Wahhabis introduced their heretical dogma that it is right to kill Moslems and others who do not adopt their extremism.  When the Ottomans became weaker in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the British armed the remaining Wahhabis in Kuwait and sent them in to drive the Al Rashid clan from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabis continued their drive to control the whole Arabian Peninsula eventually ending up with what is now Saudi Arabia.  With the immense oil wealth, the Saudis propagated the Wahhabi creed throughout the world and supported all the extremist groups like Al-Qaeda, Nasrah and now ISIS with funds and personnel, with many Saudis at the forefront of the memberships in these groups.  Thus the Saudi official position on “terrorism”, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, leaves a lot to be desired in translating such policy to real action.  The Saudi clan shares the rule of Saudi Arabia with the Al Al-Sheikh clan, who are the descendants of “Sheikh”  Mohammed Bin Abdul-Wahhab, the self declared founder of the Wahhabi creed and have a substantial share of the oil revenues, from which the Wahhabi religious establishment in Saudi Arabia funds all these extremist movements, like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc.  Thus the declared position of the Saudi Government on these renegade mobs leaves a lot of room for doubt. 

Important excerpts of this document, regulating relations with Christians, as translated by this blogger, are contained below (Please share this throughout the social media and press media of the world, lest people continue to be deceived by these misconceptions of Islamic teachings practiced by these Wahhabi deviates of true Islam:

Excerpts of the Covenant issued by the Prophet Mohammed (PBAUH) regulating relations between Moslems and Christians

Excerpts of the Covenant issued by the Prophet Mohammed (PBAUH) regulating relations between Moslems and Christians

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