We Don’t Want Ismael Ould Al Cheikh Ahmed

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


Pease Mr. Secretary General of the United NTions, get rid of this guy!

He is dishonest, he lies, he is a failure and .more than a thousand other reasons.  Moreover, he is a disgrace to the United Nations, no matter, which way you look at him.



All the details are in the above link.

He is biased.  He is corrupt.

He never affected any of the truces he proclaime.

He failed to makeany genuine steps towards a settlement.

He failed to take actions against repeated massacres of civilians.

He hasn’t halted the blockade and bombings of the means of livelihood of the poor farmers and fishermen – the rezult mass starvation.
In short, he is an avent of the Coalition led by KSA

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US Attack on Yemen: First Degree Aggression

  1. UAE Warship Twist Hit by Yemeni missile

    UAE Warship Twist Hit by Yemeni missile

    By:  Hassan Al-Haifi



US Destroyer off Coast of Yemen

The US premeditated and planned attack on Yemen today is not justified by any legal or military rationale whatsoever.

On October 7th,  the US issued travel warnings to Americans traveling or visiting/residing in Yemen [travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/country/yemen.html (just a day before the #Yemen_Great_Hall_Massacre in Sana’a  by Saudi double tap air raids in which  150 mourners were murdered and another more than 600 injured – an unlikely coincidence?).  There was no imminent danger or preceding attack on any  Americans  nor was any travel to Yemen permitted by anyone by the so called Saudi-led coalition of Aggression on Yemen.  Obviously, something else n the drawing board triggered issuing the alarm.

On October 4, three US warships were sent he Red Sea Bab Al-Mandab Area right after UAE Twist warship was defensively hit by Yemen Naval Forces, it was clear the US was pursuing a more aggressive stance in the illegal war on Yemen waged by the so called “Saudi-led” Coalition of Aggression on Yemen.

On Saturday and yesterday, the US Defense Dept alleged that Houthis were launching missiles against the three US warships off the Yemeni coast.  All missed their targets and landed in the water. Not once in these reports did the US DoD state that Yemeni Navy or forces were the source.  Of course, Saudi media was quick to blame “Houthis and Saleh militias”.

The Yemeni Navy and military spokesmen categorically denied any attacks against any ships after the attack on the UAE http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/20/politics/iran-united-states-warships-monitoring/.

This serious development in US military engagement in the  Coalition of Aggression against Yemen  raises many questions and risks complicating an already drastic human tragedy unfolding in Yemen.

The “bogus” unconfirmed missile attacks, (assuming they did occur, at all) could just as well be launched  by either US forces stationed in Al-Anad military base or other “coalition” allies launching from  areas in Coalition controlled territory in Aden, and other areas.

It is noteworthy to point out that all Yemeni rocket attacks on Coalition Warships were always direct and successful hits  and not “misses” as these were said to be by US Department of Defense spokesmen.

If we look at mainstream media coverage of this flagrant aggression by the U, all were acting as mouthpieces for the US Navy and Department of Defense and assumed that the US DoD reports of the “bogus” attacks were gospel truths and insisted that the US aggression on Yemen was right, called for and justified.  Not one shred of evidence was presented by the media or the US forces.

For some background material on this serious turn of events, please see  http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/10/politics/yemen-us-navy-targeted/

Most Yemenis and independent observers are of the opinion that the US is trying to bail out its miserable Saudi partner in the Coalition from all the  public outrage regionally and internationally against the bloodbath the Saudis have perpetrated against Yemeni civilians from the start of its sadistic bombing of Yemen since March 26, 2015.

On the other hand, this drastic and risky escalation may be to dilute increased opposition to US role in Coalition of aggression against  Yemen, both in Congress and the US press and the obvious war crimes that have clearly been evident, especially as US weapons are thee main killing tools in the aggression.

I am sure  that attempts to include a *new” Iranian presence adds more smoke to the cover up especially as the Iranian naval presence in the Arabian Sea  was there since the beginning days of the aggression (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/20/politics/iran-united-states-warships-monitoring/)Is this the review that the US National Security Council intended (but has yet to begin) on the US role in the Illegal and criminal aggression by the KSA led Coalition against Yemen?  I imagine Saudi Arabia is holding the checklist of the “Review” Process and of course, the checkbook.

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Yemeni Army and Popular Forces Take War to Saudi Territory

By;  Hassan Al-Haifi   Since the final days if the fasting month of Ramadhan, the war in Yemen took on a more violent posture.  Since then,  the Yemeni Army and Popular Committeed have returne…

Source: Yemeni Army and Popular Forces Take War to Saudi Territory

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Israeli Colonel Killed in Yemen

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi A Yemeni military source said that a Toschka Ballistic Missile fired by the Army and Public Committees Rockets Forces into the Operations Room of a Military Camp of the Saudi-l…

Source: Israeli Colonel Killed in Yemen

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The Rain in Yemen Fell Everywhere

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


Beautiful, marvelous, lovely, exhilarating, refreshing – and that is only the beginning!  Yes, on the 13th of April, just about an hour or so after Dawn, which has now rolled back to 4:40 AM. as the celestial bodies rearranged our dimension of time on Earth, a thunderous lightning broke the still and silent acoustics of our surroundings and echoed the mighty Devine Command of “كن – Be” with a crackling roar that ended the crowing of the roosters and chirping of the birds in their various nesting abodes usually heard greeting the New Day.  Within seconds, the puffy and dark cumulus clouds released their frozen agglomerations of the source of all life.  God Al-Mighty brought down to Earth the anxiously awaited  water badly needed for the survival and continuation of all species of animal and plant life.  Yemen’s luck with rain over the past years of this Millennium has at best been scanty.


As the skies ceaselessly issued their resounding Heavenly thunderous sounds, the sounds of heavy drops of frozen and molten falling water could be heard with Increasing momentum until the sound of their beat achieved a steady  rhythm.  The final  beat of ratat of rain and hale continuously bounced in our  ears from the glass and wood carpentry of our windows.   For over an hour then, and eventually for days, God’s mercy continued to be manifested in winding streams of runoff that gave all the terrain around us a far more invigorating sign that the Lord Al-Mighty has heard the beckoning of the Yemenis to God – Allah, as they have endured the most flagrant, cruel and sadistic aggression and senseless arrogant barbarity of man against fellow man for more than a year.  Surely their Lord will simply not allow the meek to suffer any longer and will harness His powers to let the Earth produce the nutritional needs heretofore deprived to the proud Yemeni people, who continue to be  subject to a merciless siege and blockade that denies the people of Yemen access to food staples and other life nourishing commodities, while the international community finds it more lucrative to offer silence at the highest price.


The Yemenis know what their Earth could produce and saw this as a great omen that God’s mercy is far more powerful than all the facade of strength and power that faithless people  blinded by imaginary visions of grandeur tend to assume they possess, and thus gives the latter the power and right to disturb the peace and tranquility of their fellow men and to deny them the right to freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness.


The rains are a blessing of the Creator with unbelievable powers of turning human spirit to an affinity of unbreakable bonds between humankind and the All Powerful Master of our universe and all universes beyond ours and the Author of the destiny of all – the meek and the strong – the rich and the poor.


The recent abundant rains In Yemen have produced a great joy amongst most Yemenis, not so much because they will yield great produce, but rather because they are an unequivocal communication from God Al-Mighty that yes, I hear you and I am with you.



This is how Yemenis understand the workings of the universe – a direct consequence of their faith and trust in Allah.

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War Losses and Damages: Saudi Led Coalition Aggression on Yemen

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


The following is a summary of the periodic report issued by the Yemeni Civil Coalition for Monitoring the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Saudi led Coalition in the aggression against the Republic of Yemen since March 22, 2015  Unfortunately, this wanton aggression on Yemen and against the Yemeni people is backed by the United States and some other western countries, which farcically claim to be combating terrorism and seeks to instill democracy and human rights worldwide. Yet these states are in fact supporting the state, which founded the sadistic ideology of Wahhabism and which also supports practically all the known terrorist mobs existing throughout the world from ISIS (So called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIL, with Levant instead of Syria), Al-Qaeda (all branches), Al-Nasra, Poco Haram, and all the other terrorist groups in the world, which adopt the Wahhabi ideology and bloody and often gruesome methodology in their modus operandi.

The data shown hereunder includes all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Saudi regime in Yemen, which is the leading culprit in this illegal aggression on Yemen, as it mobilized the so called coalition, since March 22, 2015. These horrendous crimes include the use of illegal and prohibited weapons of mass destruction, killing of thousands of civilians (with substantially large numbers of women and children), which can only be construed as collective punishment against the Yemeni people for the latter’s rejection of Saudi interference in Yemeni affairs and the uncalled for violation of Yemeni sovereignty over Yemen’s territorial rights and airspace and marine rights. In addition the Yemeni people demand that they be allowed the right of self determination to map out their political, religious, social and economic destiny. Mind you, this aggression is without due cause and lacks any legal, political and economic rationale and has no international legitimate basis to support.

The following data lists all the crimes of the Saudi regime and their so called Saudi Led Coalition over the last 9 months up to November 16, 2015 as summarized by the authors of the report, in both Arabic and English, with some modifications by the blogger and completions of missing translations.

Overview of details in the periodic report issued on Monday, 11/16/2015 by the Civil Coalition for Monitoring Crimes committed by the Saudi led aggression on Yemen:


The number of civilian casualties reached to 23,553, including 7,495 fatalities and 16,058 wounded (women, children and men). Almost 15,000 now live with permanent disability. The report noted that the report is incomplete, because they cannot access all the areas attacked in a hysterical manner.

The material losses after 235 days in infrastructure and public and civil property amounts to:

408 roads and bridges

35 universities

149 fuel tankers,

131 cisterns and water grids

10 ports

224 fuel stations

123 communications network ]

223 hospitals and health units

336 markets

317, 985 destroyed and damaged houses

15 media establishments

146 plants and factories

14 airports

895 government facilities

106 chicken farms

583 mosques, 504 food stores

50 archaeological sites

478 schools and educational centers 370 food transport trucks

86 tourist facilities

3,750 non-operating schools

30 sport fields/stadiums and

7 grain silos


Ancillary results, in addition to those caused by missiles and bombs (many of which are illegal and banned by international law, agreements and conventions, such as using cluster bombs in schools and public areas, we have the empowerment of terrorist and militant groups, like Al-Qaeda and ISIS to operate as they like freely without any interference from coalition forces, even in areas under the control of these forces, not to mention that these groups are armed and financed by the Saudis.


In addition hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons are forced to relocate in already crowded and overstretched service facilities, especially from Sa’ada Governorate and the battle scarred areas, such as Aden and Ta’ez.

The Saudis also imposed a tight siege and blockade on Yemen, making it impossible for any civilian ships or airplanes to enter Yemeni seaports and airports until they have undergone thorough checks by coalition naval craft or force to land in Saudi airports for checking passengers and/or cargoes. This includes relief vessels sent from countries or organizations engaged in such philanthropic tasks.


Fuel supplies are limited due to blockade and a large percentage of the population are without basic nutritional requirements and medicines. There is also lack of power in most of the country on account of this blockade as fuels are not allowed to enter to power the power generating stations, which are already operating beyond capacity.


The report pointed out that the Saudi claim of defending legitimacy is a hoax and a misleading excuse for waging the war, which the UN Security Council refused to sanction, as all those who supposedly represent the so called Hadi regime and cabinet are all Saudi puppets operating out of hotels in Riyadh, but without any significant say in how the war is conducted.


Cluster bombs and internationally prohibited weapons are only targeting Yemeni people The report mentioned that Saudi Arabia and its alliance used in the war on Yemen destructive and severe blast bombs which were dropped over the heads of civilians in homes, neighborhoods and markets.


The Saudis committed large massacres that killed nearly 200 civilians in their residence complex, like that of the Mocha Power Station and another nearly 300 fatalities in 2 weddings in Mocha and Sanaban, as well the murder of nearly 200 fishermen near Kamaran Island and Zoqar.


The repport also noted that the Saudis used Severe blast and destructive bombs against civilian residential areas or public gathering squares and markets. They used two types of Cluster, such as Secondary Explosion Munition Bombs (BLU – 97) or Bunker Buster bombs and a more complex type called CBU – 105, which open up and disburse a large number of mini bombs over a large area. Some secondary bombs may not expolode upon hitting their targets, and thus become dangerous to anyone who may come in contact with it or touch with them. On two occasions Human Rights Watch noted that used missiles laden with cluster bombs in at least seven occasions in Hajjah Governorate, in which scores were killed and wounded. HRW alos reported and some of which repprted that on 31 May 2015 there were credible evidence that that Saudi Arabian led coalition used US manufactured illegal CBU.


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Saudi Criminal Bombing of Old City of Sana’a: WHY????

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi




I went to the Old City of Sana’a on September 24, just four days after the barbaric and absolutely criminal Saudi air raid on the UNESCO declared World Heritage City (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/385)

More than any other place in this world I dwelt in or visited in my life, Sana’a is perhaps the location that most infuenced my life. 

I was born in this fabulous city, when there was still no “new” to distinguish any of its parts with any of its surroundings.  In fact, Sana’a had telephones. and a modest electricity network, which were introduced in the early part of my life, before the September 26, 1962 Revoution.  Thus, the new was beginning to encroach and blend in (but still harmlessly) with the unique architecture of this amazingly well  designed city of urban – albeit medieval – planning.  I knew Sana’a then when the charming city was still pretty much a self sustaining metropolis, with all its sustenance needs met from internal domestic sources and the farms that surrounded the city’s historic wall:  water was provided by surface wells in the  houses or from various  streams eminating from  springs located around the city’s then picturesque suburban villages, or from the wells of the city’s numerous  gardens, attached to each of the  fabulous mosques dotting its urban expanse.  These gardens (“miqshamas”, as they were called – roughly meaning garden vegetable farms) were conveniently  irrigated from the waste water of their respective mosques, as well as the wastewater of the surrounding neatly arranged houses around these gardens (Bear in mind that human solid waste did not enter the wastewater drainage system, Such waste had a separrate disposal system that effectively allowed for such waste to be used as fuel to heat the public “Turkish” baths).  The wells of the mosques also provided supplemental irrigation for the miqshamas.  Poisonous detergents, soaps, shampoos and other consumables were not yet a source of pollution in these wastewaters.  These gardens supplied almost all the garden vegetable needs of the city’s population of about 40,000 in the first decade of my life.  Livestock meat and dairy needs of the city were provided by livestock and poultry maintained by Sana’ani residents or the families that had sharecropping leases to these miqshamas, or “endowment” gardens.  I remember we had a cow and chicken in our house, which took care of our dairy needs.  I also recall how as children we enjoyed going to any of the nearby gardens to our house to fetch anything from tomatoes to radishes to lettuce to potatoes.   Some of these gardens grew berries, almonds, walnuts, pears, prickly cactus fruit and other delicacies.  There were five such gardens within a five to ten minutes walk from our house situated in the Al-Alamy “neighborhood” at the center of the Old City (actually a long slightly wavy street with broken rows of attached houses) between Al-Fulaihy “neighborhood” and Wadi Al-Sayilah – a water runoff bed that harvested all the rainwater floodwater that flowed in the city after gathering from the roofs of Sana’a’s  seemingly packed together houses and winding streets. 
Al-Fulaihy Mosque is no more than 300 meters East of our house and even in my youth, this mosque was an important scholastic institution of learning of Islamic jurispruence and law, Arabic literature and history and other social studies and produced many of Yemen’s leaders, prominent jurists and  literary personalities during the Twentieth Century. 

I walked from Al-Sayilah eastward to our house and could  not avoid sighing pitifully  as I saw all the houses on my left and right showing the obvious damage from the horrific air raid that hit Al-Fulaihy Garden and the house of its tenant farmer, Hifdh-Allah Al-Ainy, killing all the 11 members of his immediate family just 4 days earlier.  Almost all the windows and stained glass or alabaster glass arches of the houses I was passing through were broken, some with their holding frames pushed in or out of the walls that contained them.  Some of these houses were two to four centuries old, but their walls were either cracked or pushed to lean in or out of their once erect standing.  Some houses had been wrecked and rendered unsafe for habitation.  When I reached the house I was born in and in which I lived my early years before going to the United States and in intermittent periods of my life when I returned to Yemen, I was saddened by all the broken windows and the stainedglass arches over them.   For me each window had its own story in my life and to see it a mere hole now was tragic.
Luckily, aside from repairs to all the windows and stained. glass arches – nevertheless at a significant cost – at this stage, structural damage to our house could not yet be ascertained.   The glass and dirt debris of our house filled two empty 50 kg. flour sacks. 


I walked East towards Al-Fulaihy and as I got closer to the site of the destructive missile explosions, at the Miqshamat Al-Fulaihy, the impact of the explosions got more noticeable and more structurally damaging or destructive. 


Damaged Houses in Al-Fuaihy Neighorhood Neighorhood


Damaged houses in Fulaihi


Damaged houses i Al-Fulaihy Neighborhood


Damaged Houses. Al-Fulaihy


Al-Fulaihy Damages




୸As I walked, I could not help asking to.  myself continuously the question, “Why?  Why would anyone do such horrible destruction?”  I knew every nook and cranny within a 2 km. radius of the Al-Fulaihy Mosque and there is simply not even one halfway decent reason to suggest that any military objective or logic warrants thsenseless destruction of such treasure of historical culture and unique architectural splendor.  The considerable substantive material damage is awesome for the current residents of the Old City of Sana’a, who and in many cases would require  expensive careful repair work, most residents could hardly afford in these very difficult economic circumstances for the majority of  Yemenis and not just the people of Sana’a.
When I reached the Al-Ainy family house, the human tragedy unfolded before my eyes and was almost unbearable to watch. 
The four story house had turned to a heap of stones, dirt, cinderblocks, wood, torn funiture, ripped clothing, scattered utensils, which had no evidence of architectural form or standing.


Rubble of Al-Ainy 4 story house


Al-Ainy House Rubble'


Al-Ainy House Rubble

When a relative of the deceased occupants of the house appeared the trauma of the loss was quite evident.  As the lady was wailing and screaming beyond control:  “My uncles, cousins, sisters and brothers!  What did they do to you, Salman? Curses to you and your stooge, Abdu Rabbo  Hadi and all the traitorous croanies!”  Another women tried to control her shouting.  It was melodramatic beyond belief. 


Al-Ainy House Rubble


Al-Ainy House Rubble


Relative screaming: What did this gardener do to you Salman?"


I continued walking through the mixture of debris and household belongings.  They were now indistinguishable in terms of ownership and purpose.  Lingerie was mixed with prayer clothes.  A Holy Quran sat stubbornly on a shelf of the only standing remains of what used to be a green painted room wall. 


The only standing wall of the 4 story Al-Ainy House

It was unbelievable to picture that 11 people once lived and walked in this mumble jumble of debris, furnishings and personal belongings. 
As I walked through the ups and downs of the mound of debris, I looked at all the houses around the garden, which Al-Ainy farmed almost all his life.  Almost all the houses had lost their windows and stained glass arches.  Some houses were damaged beyond repair. 



Then another female wailing relative showed up screaming and shouting:  “What could my uncle do to you Salman?  What could a seller of lettuce and radishes do to you, Salman? How could you call yourself the Protector of the Holy Sites, when the souls of Moslems are targets of your planes, while the owners of such souls are in deep slumber?”   She went down and kept mumbling prayers  asking revenge from the Al-Mighty for the big loss of so many unarmed petty folk, earning. their honest living by the sweat of their toil. 



Other females and children relatives after failing to quiet the screaming lady then joined in the wailing.

The unforgivable attack on  the Old City of Sana’a clearly showed a total disregard for cultural heritage and the historical legacy of generations of Yemenis who created and built this marvelous relic of man’s abiity to respect nature and the enviroment.  Why did the Saudis do it?  Looking at the narrow streets of the city and the fragile structural framework of its buildings, even the most astute and gungho war maniac would regard an attack like the one that hit the Al-Ainy home stupid, hateful and incompatible with sound military logic.

But over the past six months and the continuous massacres of Yemeni civiians, the last being the coldblooded murder of 135 people attending a wedding in Mocha, of whom most were women and chidren, military logic seems to be the last thing in the minds of Saudi military strategists.

These attacks seem to show a clear case of man’s inhumanity to man – a clear case of unadulterated unforgivable arrogance, uncultred chauvinism and contemptuous barbarity.

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