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EU Decision on Hizb-Allah (Hizbullah to some): Another Form of Zionist Political Terrorism

Victims of one of the many officially and internationally sanctioned terrorist raids Israel continues to carry out indiscriminately on Gaza in Al-Mansoura Street. By: Hassan Al-Haifi For nearly a century, the International Zionist Establishment (IZE), which later became more physically … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: From Ruthless Despotism to Progressive Revolutionary Backer

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi Bahrain is the antithesis of Saudi policy in Syria.  In the former, Saudi Arabia insists on being the killer of the Bahrain Revolution, whereas in Syria, Saudi Arabia is ridiculously projected a bona fide progressive supporter of … Continue reading

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The Naksa and the Current Arab Revolts

Issue No. V June 6, 2011 By Hassan Al-Haifi This observer recalls on the few days preceding the Six Day War of June 1967 between Israel and the Egyptian, Syrian and the Arab Legion of Jordan, as a high school … Continue reading

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