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Amnesty International: Yemeni authorities must investigate killings and restore justice and accountability

By Hassan Al-Haifi Amnesty International issued a public statement calling for an independent and impartial investigation on the killing of Dr. Ahmed Sharafeddine, the well known legal expert and member of the National Dialogue which was to put Yemen on … Continue reading

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Tawakkul Karman to UNSC: Saleh Must Leave the Political Arena على علي عبد الله صالح أن يغادر الساحة السياسية في اليمن

UN SC Speech by Tawakkul Karman By: Hassan Al-Haifi During the UN Security Council ceremonial session held in Sana’a on the 27th of January 2013 as support for the Yemnei Coalition Government presided by President Abdu-Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Tawakkul Kaman, … Continue reading

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