In Yemen’s Dreaded War: There is No Discrimination between Rich and Poor; All Suffer

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

 COPIED BY Permission from Yemeni American Newspaper 

In the war on Yemen now waged by a hodgepodge of evil doers, whose last care and concern  are the Yemeni people, suffering can be seen across all demographiaerpc and economic affiliations of the people.  The nearly 15,000 + civilian martyrs and twice that much wounded are a cross section of Yemenis from all ages, walks of life and social and economic standing as well as geographical locations.  Even refugees from other lands, who fled to Yemen seeking to escape being victimized by the tragic situations in their own home turf have become direct targets of all kinds of ordnances falling from the sky or exchanged by warring factions, not to mention the shortages suffered as a result of the siege.

In wars, there is no right or wrong, legal or illegal and winners or losers.  This war in particular entails suffering not necessarily by weapons of mass destruction or exchange of machine gun fire, etc.  Suffering has been packaged for the Yemeni people to come in all wrappings.  In addition to the tragic consequences of violent confrontations, we have an impregnable siege by land, air and sea that literally keeps everything coming in and out of the country under the tight control of the so called “Saudi-led Coalition” of Bedouin Sheikhdoms, world powers that give this war some fabricated semblance of international legitimacy, none of which come out of International Law textbooks and mercenary forces that get premium prices for the right to kill maim and destroy.   This siege and blockade means that all airports in the country (almost all of which have been destroyed), except some of the airports in the South, which are under the control of the Coalition and which are often closed due to differences between the Coalition occupying forces, which can’t decide which of them should control them (Of course, they have forgetten that they are fighting to restore a long expired legitimacy in Yemen.  Thus, for anyone living in Sana’a or anyone in Coalition Free areas of Yemen in most of the North and a good part of the South it is impossible to go to another country for vacations, education and of course dire medical attention, which can’t be obtained locally.  There is no telling when this situation will change, as this also has a bearing on at least 50,000 Yemenis overseas who are unable to return to Yemen either because of the hardships of going through foreign imposed blockades and airport closures, or they ran out of money to pay the exhorbitant fares needed to come home by alternative and often unsafe routes.

The above description brings to light some of the difficulties that all in Yemen must suffer from due to this horrendous and by all accounts uncalled for war.  Of course those needing dire medical attention, who are nearing the last possibilities of ever seeing back to life normalcy, are the hardest hit by the tight closure and blockades of all entrance and outlets of Yemen.   The subject of our report here is a relatively rich woman, who inherited a half way decent fortune from her father and managed along with her late husband, to etch out a comfortable living for their offspring of six boys and 1 girl, and have managed to provide each with their own private residences.

We will call this good and faithful lady Um Abdullah, as this is the desire of the family.  Of course Y-A holds all the medical reports and records to substantiate our recognition of her very poor condition.  Um Abdullah has a long history of bronchial asthma, as well as other ailments including rheumatic and ligament impairments, and which heretofore were always treated outside of Yemen.  She has gone to India, Jordan, Egypt and different European countries for overcoming most of her previous illnesses.  She is a very religious lady and has no qualms about her unfortunate physical calamities, as she is thankful to God that no matter what befalls her, she can obtain all the medical treatment that money can buy anywhere in the world.

However, this time, she is unable to go anywhere where she might be saved and her condition has worsened to the point of being unable to recognize whoever is speaking to her, even her children.  She has now only a nurse, who mainly administers medications that just keep her alive and semi-conscious but no more.  Even now, if Sana’a Airport were to open tomorrow, she would not be able to bear the strains of traveling unless by a specially equipped medical plane, which is now no more than a dose of wishful thinking.  May God give her a peaceful respite from all this tragedy and may the world realize that it simply cannot watch as disease, malnutrition and poor medical attention turn Yemen into a humanitarian nightmare for all Yemenis, rich and the poor.

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In Yemen, You Can Find Out Your Birthday, Even If You Are Over Fifty

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi

22 August 2017

When I first returned to Yemen, in the Summer of 1970, I made a big fuss about finding out my real birthday.  We had been lying in the United States for the last previous 9 years that my birthday was 4/4/51. There were no birthday certificates or even officcivil records then. My father, GBS (who was in New York then) had told me, yes he recorded my birthday in a Quran. I knew my father was a meticulous record keeper of all births in one or more of the Holy Qurans he had for all the family – not just his immediate family, but also of the offspring of all his brothers and sisters.  When I arrived in Sana’a, I broke into the walled in closet that his books and documents were hidden in, jn case looters raided the city more on that later. I loo ked for this Holy Book that was to unlock the greatest mystery in my life then.. When I finally did find the book, I saw  to my dismay, that indeed everyone in the 3rd generation of the family after my grandfather Hassan, and their cousins was recorded there and in another Quran, except the birthday of your truly, the writer of these words. I was flabbergasted. I know my father could not be so careless as to forget the

birthday of his later to be Honors student son throughout his education, so what happened here?. I refused to give up. I continued sifting through the books I found in the closet until I finished all the Qurans and other books. Where could my birthday be?
All of a sudden, after several days of sifting, I found a little  spiral note pad (God knows where he got that in those days, as they were not readily available stationary in Sana’a in the early 1950s).   Sure enough, there was this note on the first page of the spiral pad: “On this  day of 30 Rajab 1370 AH, we were bestow3d with a boy, who we named Hassan Mohammed Al-Haifi.  May God keep him and make of him a  son of whom we can be proud”.

Understandably, I was jubilant.  But that won’t do in the US. They want your birthdays in GregorIan solar, not Hegira lunar.
I then took out the “Munjid” (literally, Savior), which was a mini encyclopedia in Arabic, which Dad had obtained from one of his earlier trips from Yemen abroad. I found in it the way to convert Muslim Hegira Lunar calendar dates to corresponding GregorIan calendar. There was a formula and a couple of tables from which to obtain the variables! My calculations came out to 7 May 1951. You can check the Internet to see I was correct!

Ever since then. I made it a point to have my birthday noted, but not necessarily celebrated by my kin and friends.
After 2/3 of a Century of life, it does not really matter much. But my kids make it a point to wish me Happy Birthday, because 3 of the 4 kids I have have, three have their birthdays in the Month of May.


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We Don’t Want Ismael Ould Al Cheikh Ahmed

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


Pease Mr. Secretary General of the United NTions, get rid of this guy!

He is dishonest, he lies, he is a failure and .more than a thousand other reasons.  Moreover, he is a disgrace to the United Nations, no matter, which way you look at him.  

All the details are in the above link.

He is biased.  He is corrupt.

He never affected any of the truces he proclaime.

He failed to makeany genuine steps towards a settlement.

He failed to take actions against repeated massacres of civilians.

He hasn’t halted the blockade and bombings of the means of livelihood of the poor farmers and fishermen – the rezult mass starvation.
In short, he is an avent of the Coalition led by KSA

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US Attack on Yemen: First Degree Aggression

  1. UAE Warship Twist Hit by Yemeni missile

    UAE Warship Twist Hit by Yemeni missile

    By:  Hassan Al-Haifi



US Destroyer off Coast of Yemen

The US premeditated and planned attack on Yemen today is not justified by any legal or military rationale whatsoever.

On October 7th,  the US issued travel warnings to Americans traveling or visiting/residing in Yemen [ (just a day before the #Yemen_Great_Hall_Massacre in Sana’a  by Saudi double tap air raids in which  150 mourners were murdered and another more than 600 injured – an unlikely coincidence?).  There was no imminent danger or preceding attack on any  Americans  nor was any travel to Yemen permitted by anyone by the so called Saudi-led coalition of Aggression on Yemen.  Obviously, something else n the drawing board triggered issuing the alarm.

On October 4, three US warships were sent he Red Sea Bab Al-Mandab Area right after UAE Twist warship was defensively hit by Yemen Naval Forces, it was clear the US was pursuing a more aggressive stance in the illegal war on Yemen waged by the so called “Saudi-led” Coalition of Aggression on Yemen.

On Saturday and yesterday, the US Defense Dept alleged that Houthis were launching missiles against the three US warships off the Yemeni coast.  All missed their targets and landed in the water. Not once in these reports did the US DoD state that Yemeni Navy or forces were the source.  Of course, Saudi media was quick to blame “Houthis and Saleh militias”.

The Yemeni Navy and military spokesmen categorically denied any attacks against any ships after the attack on the UAE

This serious development in US military engagement in the  Coalition of Aggression against Yemen  raises many questions and risks complicating an already drastic human tragedy unfolding in Yemen.

The “bogus” unconfirmed missile attacks, (assuming they did occur, at all) could just as well be launched  by either US forces stationed in Al-Anad military base or other “coalition” allies launching from  areas in Coalition controlled territory in Aden, and other areas.

It is noteworthy to point out that all Yemeni rocket attacks on Coalition Warships were always direct and successful hits  and not “misses” as these were said to be by US Department of Defense spokesmen.

If we look at mainstream media coverage of this flagrant aggression by the U, all were acting as mouthpieces for the US Navy and Department of Defense and assumed that the US DoD reports of the “bogus” attacks were gospel truths and insisted that the US aggression on Yemen was right, called for and justified.  Not one shred of evidence was presented by the media or the US forces.

For some background material on this serious turn of events, please see

Most Yemenis and independent observers are of the opinion that the US is trying to bail out its miserable Saudi partner in the Coalition from all the  public outrage regionally and internationally against the bloodbath the Saudis have perpetrated against Yemeni civilians from the start of its sadistic bombing of Yemen since March 26, 2015.

On the other hand, this drastic and risky escalation may be to dilute increased opposition to US role in Coalition of aggression against  Yemen, both in Congress and the US press and the obvious war crimes that have clearly been evident, especially as US weapons are thee main killing tools in the aggression.

I am sure  that attempts to include a *new” Iranian presence adds more smoke to the cover up especially as the Iranian naval presence in the Arabian Sea  was there since the beginning days of the aggression ( this the review that the US National Security Council intended (but has yet to begin) on the US role in the Illegal and criminal aggression by the KSA led Coalition against Yemen?  I imagine Saudi Arabia is holding the checklist of the “Review” Process and of course, the checkbook.

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Yemeni Army and Popular Forces Take War to Saudi Territory

By;  Hassan Al-Haifi   Since the final days if the fasting month of Ramadhan, the war in Yemen took on a more violent posture.  Since then,  the Yemeni Army and Popular Committeed have returne…

Source: Yemeni Army and Popular Forces Take War to Saudi Territory

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Israeli Colonel Killed in Yemen

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi A Yemeni military source said that a Toschka Ballistic Missile fired by the Army and Public Committees Rockets Forces into the Operations Room of a Military Camp of the Saudi-l…

Source: Israeli Colonel Killed in Yemen

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The Rain in Yemen Fell Everywhere

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


Beautiful, marvelous, lovely, exhilarating, refreshing – and that is only the beginning!  Yes, on the 13th of April, just about an hour or so after Dawn, which has now rolled back to 4:40 AM. as the celestial bodies rearranged our dimension of time on Earth, a thunderous lightning broke the still and silent acoustics of our surroundings and echoed the mighty Devine Command of “كن – Be” with a crackling roar that ended the crowing of the roosters and chirping of the birds in their various nesting abodes usually heard greeting the New Day.  Within seconds, the puffy and dark cumulus clouds released their frozen agglomerations of the source of all life.  God Al-Mighty brought down to Earth the anxiously awaited  water badly needed for the survival and continuation of all species of animal and plant life.  Yemen’s luck with rain over the past years of this Millennium has at best been scanty.


As the skies ceaselessly issued their resounding Heavenly thunderous sounds, the sounds of heavy drops of frozen and molten falling water could be heard with Increasing momentum until the sound of their beat achieved a steady  rhythm.  The final  beat of ratat of rain and hale continuously bounced in our  ears from the glass and wood carpentry of our windows.   For over an hour then, and eventually for days, God’s mercy continued to be manifested in winding streams of runoff that gave all the terrain around us a far more invigorating sign that the Lord Al-Mighty has heard the beckoning of the Yemenis to God – Allah, as they have endured the most flagrant, cruel and sadistic aggression and senseless arrogant barbarity of man against fellow man for more than a year.  Surely their Lord will simply not allow the meek to suffer any longer and will harness His powers to let the Earth produce the nutritional needs heretofore deprived to the proud Yemeni people, who continue to be  subject to a merciless siege and blockade that denies the people of Yemen access to food staples and other life nourishing commodities, while the international community finds it more lucrative to offer silence at the highest price.


The Yemenis know what their Earth could produce and saw this as a great omen that God’s mercy is far more powerful than all the facade of strength and power that faithless people  blinded by imaginary visions of grandeur tend to assume they possess, and thus gives the latter the power and right to disturb the peace and tranquility of their fellow men and to deny them the right to freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness.


The rains are a blessing of the Creator with unbelievable powers of turning human spirit to an affinity of unbreakable bonds between humankind and the All Powerful Master of our universe and all universes beyond ours and the Author of the destiny of all – the meek and the strong – the rich and the poor.


The recent abundant rains In Yemen have produced a great joy amongst most Yemenis, not so much because they will yield great produce, but rather because they are an unequivocal communication from God Al-Mighty that yes, I hear you and I am with you.



This is how Yemenis understand the workings of the universe – a direct consequence of their faith and trust in Allah.

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