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US Attack on Yemen: First Degree Aggression

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi   The US premeditated and planned attack on Yemen today is not justified by any legal or military rationale whatsoever. On October 7th,  the US issued travel warnings to Americans traveling or visiting/residing in Yemen [ (just … Continue reading

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Amnesty International: Yemeni authorities must investigate killings and restore justice and accountability

By Hassan Al-Haifi Amnesty International issued a public statement calling for an independent and impartial investigation on the killing of Dr. Ahmed Sharafeddine, the well known legal expert and member of the National Dialogue which was to put Yemen on … Continue reading

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Yemeni Government Heavy Military Equipment Illegally Being Deployed In War Between Houthis and Al-Ahmars in Yemen

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi The current War in Sa’ada Governorate, Yemen, which started as a war between the followers of the people of Sa’ada led by the  Zeidi leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi and the suspicious hard-line Wahhabi settlers in Dammaj, who are a … Continue reading

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A note to God: When the Extreme Becomes Godless

  This is a reprint of article of fiction prevbviously published in the Yemen Times in 2008, but still has much relevance in the wake of the problems confronting the Moslem World today. By:  Hassan Al-Haifi “How much religion should … Continue reading

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The Swindled Revolution of Yemen: Uncertainty and Grim Prospects

By: Hassan Al-Haifi The Second Anniversary of the launch of the Yemeni Youth Peaceful Revolution is approaching (February 11, 2011). So far, it is inescapable to discern that the aspirations and hopes of the millions of Yemenis, who took to … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia: From Ruthless Despotism to Progressive Revolutionary Backer

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi Bahrain is the antithesis of Saudi policy in Syria.  In the former, Saudi Arabia insists on being the killer of the Bahrain Revolution, whereas in Syria, Saudi Arabia is ridiculously projected a bona fide progressive supporter of … Continue reading

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