War Losses and Damages: Saudi Led Coalition Aggression on Yemen

By:  Hassan Al-Haifi


The following is a summary of the periodic report issued by the Yemeni Civil Coalition for Monitoring the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Saudi led Coalition in the aggression against the Republic of Yemen since March 22, 2015  Unfortunately, this wanton aggression on Yemen and against the Yemeni people is backed by the United States and some other western countries, which farcically claim to be combating terrorism and seeks to instill democracy and human rights worldwide. Yet these states are in fact supporting the state, which founded the sadistic ideology of Wahhabism and which also supports practically all the known terrorist mobs existing throughout the world from ISIS (So called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also known as ISIL, with Levant instead of Syria), Al-Qaeda (all branches), Al-Nasra, Poco Haram, and all the other terrorist groups in the world, which adopt the Wahhabi ideology and bloody and often gruesome methodology in their modus operandi.

The data shown hereunder includes all war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Saudi regime in Yemen, which is the leading culprit in this illegal aggression on Yemen, as it mobilized the so called coalition, since March 22, 2015. These horrendous crimes include the use of illegal and prohibited weapons of mass destruction, killing of thousands of civilians (with substantially large numbers of women and children), which can only be construed as collective punishment against the Yemeni people for the latter’s rejection of Saudi interference in Yemeni affairs and the uncalled for violation of Yemeni sovereignty over Yemen’s territorial rights and airspace and marine rights. In addition the Yemeni people demand that they be allowed the right of self determination to map out their political, religious, social and economic destiny. Mind you, this aggression is without due cause and lacks any legal, political and economic rationale and has no international legitimate basis to support.

The following data lists all the crimes of the Saudi regime and their so called Saudi Led Coalition over the last 9 months up to November 16, 2015 as summarized by the authors of the report, in both Arabic and English, with some modifications by the blogger and completions of missing translations.

Overview of details in the periodic report issued on Monday, 11/16/2015 by the Civil Coalition for Monitoring Crimes committed by the Saudi led aggression on Yemen:


The number of civilian casualties reached to 23,553, including 7,495 fatalities and 16,058 wounded (women, children and men). Almost 15,000 now live with permanent disability. The report noted that the report is incomplete, because they cannot access all the areas attacked in a hysterical manner.

The material losses after 235 days in infrastructure and public and civil property amounts to:

408 roads and bridges

35 universities

149 fuel tankers,

131 cisterns and water grids

10 ports

224 fuel stations

123 communications network ]

223 hospitals and health units

336 markets

317, 985 destroyed and damaged houses

15 media establishments

146 plants and factories

14 airports

895 government facilities

106 chicken farms

583 mosques, 504 food stores

50 archaeological sites

478 schools and educational centers 370 food transport trucks

86 tourist facilities

3,750 non-operating schools

30 sport fields/stadiums and

7 grain silos


Ancillary results, in addition to those caused by missiles and bombs (many of which are illegal and banned by international law, agreements and conventions, such as using cluster bombs in schools and public areas, we have the empowerment of terrorist and militant groups, like Al-Qaeda and ISIS to operate as they like freely without any interference from coalition forces, even in areas under the control of these forces, not to mention that these groups are armed and financed by the Saudis.


In addition hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons are forced to relocate in already crowded and overstretched service facilities, especially from Sa’ada Governorate and the battle scarred areas, such as Aden and Ta’ez.

The Saudis also imposed a tight siege and blockade on Yemen, making it impossible for any civilian ships or airplanes to enter Yemeni seaports and airports until they have undergone thorough checks by coalition naval craft or force to land in Saudi airports for checking passengers and/or cargoes. This includes relief vessels sent from countries or organizations engaged in such philanthropic tasks.


Fuel supplies are limited due to blockade and a large percentage of the population are without basic nutritional requirements and medicines. There is also lack of power in most of the country on account of this blockade as fuels are not allowed to enter to power the power generating stations, which are already operating beyond capacity.


The report pointed out that the Saudi claim of defending legitimacy is a hoax and a misleading excuse for waging the war, which the UN Security Council refused to sanction, as all those who supposedly represent the so called Hadi regime and cabinet are all Saudi puppets operating out of hotels in Riyadh, but without any significant say in how the war is conducted.


Cluster bombs and internationally prohibited weapons are only targeting Yemeni people The report mentioned that Saudi Arabia and its alliance used in the war on Yemen destructive and severe blast bombs which were dropped over the heads of civilians in homes, neighborhoods and markets.


The Saudis committed large massacres that killed nearly 200 civilians in their residence complex, like that of the Mocha Power Station and another nearly 300 fatalities in 2 weddings in Mocha and Sanaban, as well the murder of nearly 200 fishermen near Kamaran Island and Zoqar.


The repport also noted that the Saudis used Severe blast and destructive bombs against civilian residential areas or public gathering squares and markets. They used two types of Cluster, such as Secondary Explosion Munition Bombs (BLU – 97) or Bunker Buster bombs and a more complex type called CBU – 105, which open up and disburse a large number of mini bombs over a large area. Some secondary bombs may not expolode upon hitting their targets, and thus become dangerous to anyone who may come in contact with it or touch with them. On two occasions Human Rights Watch noted that used missiles laden with cluster bombs in at least seven occasions in Hajjah Governorate, in which scores were killed and wounded. HRW alos reported and some of which repprted that on 31 May 2015 there were credible evidence that that Saudi Arabian led coalition used US manufactured illegal CBU.


About Hassan Al-Haifi

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